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Why storytelling sells, and the word of the day is "denouement"

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

If you were stranded on a desert island and given only one resource to help you learn effective, professional communication, I'd hope you would have this video (and a fully charged digital device). Dave Lieber is an award-winning columnist for the Dallas Morning News who is able to convey why storytelling is the heart of all communication. Whether you're writing a dull statistical report, a simple paragraph for a board meeting, or copy for a digital ad that needs to grab your audience's attention, Dave deftly summarizes why a story well-told is the best approach. And he's hilarious.

Watch Dave's TED Talk, and then shoot me a comment about your reaction to his "denouement." Then think about a story you can tell. What's your low point? Your high point? YOUR denouement?

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Liber, D. (2013). The power of storytelling to change the world: Dave Lieber at TEDxSMU 2013. YouTube.

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